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I’ve always loved everything fashion, as much as I loved dressing other women. That’s why I’m excited to bring you Nat’s Vintage Habit an online store, coming from my closet to yours. Our items are a mix of new with some classic vintage pieces because we all know a classic never goes out of style. My ultimate goal is to provide personally hand-picked pieces that are both timeless and affordable. Remember, always stay true to your style, you can buy luxury but true style can’t be purchased that only comes from within. and I really do mean that! I love the new trends but I love a one-of-a-kind type of outfit too, if you can relate some of my pieces are one of a KIND, I might have two and a different size. I am somewhat different than a Boutique, it’s like you’re hanging out inside my own closet, you’re going to see some trendy new arrivals! You’ll find some pre-loved pieces that are in excellent condition and a kind collection from shoes, jewelry, coats, purse and handbags, all-occasion clothes in Nat’s Vintage Habit my style, my look, for women over 30 and up who know how to mix and match her outfit with the old and the new. Not afraid to wear what she like and wear it with CONFIDENCE!!
Thanks for stopping by!”

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